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Acknowledgements was influenced by numerous individuals and organizations:

Apache Software Foundation: Provided leadership with regard to project organization and management.

The Cypherpunk Manifesto: The Cypherpunks are actively engaged in making the networks safer for privacy. And most importantly, cypherpunks write code!

Fen Labalme: Creator of the first personalized information system in 1979 (NewsPeek at the then-nascent MIT Media Lab), Fen has continued to push the personalization with privacy envelope with the Guerilla Information Network in 1983, Broadcatch Technologies in 1994, and Lumeria's SuperProfile in 1999. He is now a primary developer of OpenPrivacy.

Free Software Foundation: Reminds us that Freedom is something worth fighting for. We believe that Open Source software is Better software, especially when cryptography is involved.

World Wide Web Consortium: For organizational examples and their push of XML.

  OpenPrivacy satisfies one of the requirements for Broadcatch systems
   and supports the Principles of the Identity Commons

Historical note: OpenPrivacy closed its virtual doors in May of 2002.
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